The majority of our experience at ADC comes from the combustion and power production industries. We are well versed in the design of many different components in the combustion industry, from controls like burner management systems to the specification of replacement equipment like pumps, economizers, burners, and burner modification, NOx control and Co2 control.


Richard Salcedo has personally designed, installed, and implemented combustion systems. This knowledge comes from over 20 years in the industry. This experience has led to the knowledge of thermal dynamics from the fundamental level, which is essential when designing and replacing equipment. As we design and replace, we think about our customer’s bottom dollar and look for different ways for a positive payback. As technology changes and the thought of global warming become  a concern, our game is efficiency. Higher efficiency leads to faster payback and in the combustion industry, it leads to a reduction of Co2 Emissions. Moreover, the incentive for efficiency gains can come from your utility provider with programs to help you differ the cost of the project implementation.


The knowledge gained through our tenure in the industry has led to the use of constants, developed by our past engineers, and the fundamentals that they have designed and documented. We have studied the components related to combustion to the molecular level to properly design and implement components.


With our knowledge in engineering and our ancillary skills that support our engineering design, the customer will be satisfied with the end result of the project.