At ADC, we are experienced in 3D design. We are well versed in the AutoCAD (ACAD) Suite. The Suite consists of many different software tools for total plant design.

ACAD Plant 3D aides in the design of the plant floor, which is incorporated with a 2D P&ID of the plants’ engineering design. The P&ID includes all symbols and engineering specifications. Plant 3D can also import other designs from ACAD Invertor to Solid Works and many other CAD software packages. As the P&ID grows, the design grows in Plant 3D. Plant 3D helps with piping routing as well as the proper racking and pipe support.

Below is Plant 3D using the P&ID layout in 2D
















ACAD Invertor is a very powerful software tool. This allows for individualized design of a machine and all its components. The individual components can be converted to 2D with dimensional specifications for manufacture. The components can be exported to a USB flash drive and imported into a CNC machine for automatic manufacture. It also has the power to show 3D assembly for component manufacturing.

Below is Inventor and Plant 3D showing a boiler and emission control system
















Inventor utilizes whats called assemblies. This enables the design of individual products and allows for virtual assembly. This is very powerful when training employees to assemble your products on the plant floor. Below is an example.


ACAD Electrical aids in the design of drawing and parts layout. The software uses standards that are established by the industry as well as the standards that may have been adopted by the plant or engineer. We take extreme pride in our design drawings. This pride results in less start up time and trouble shooting.  As with all the ACAD products, a parts list is created for easy ordering and archiving.

Below is ACAD Electrical









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